Asteroid 5953 Shelton

Asteroid 5953 Shelton is a main belt asteroid with an estimated diameter of 10 km. It was discovered on April 25, 1987 by husband and wife team, Carolyn and Gene Shoemaker, at Palomar. The semi-major axis is 2.31 AU, the eccentricity is 0.168 and the inclination is 24.01 degrees.

Observations of this asteroid were only possible on 3 nights between June and August 2012 due to equipment problems. The resulting lightcurve was very noisy with only a few hints of variation. The indicated period is only a suggestion from this limited data and is probably not correct.

Lightcurve results for 5953 Shelton.
Period 6.31 +/- 0.01 hours. Amplitude 0.25 +/- 0.1 magnitude.