Asteroid 5832 Martaprincipe

Asteroid 5832 Martaprincipe is a main belt asteroid with an estimated diameter of 10 km. It was discovered on June 15, 1991 by E. F. Helin at Palomar. The semi-major axis is 2.62 AU, the eccentricity is 0.119 and the inclination is 28.21 degrees.

Observations of this asteroid were made over nine nights between June and August 2008. The resulting data was extremely noisy and difficult to interpret. A period of 13.867 hours was derived, however this result is very uncertain.

Lightcurve results for 5832 Martaprincipe.
Period 13.867 +/- 0.002 hours. Amplitude 0.8 +/- 0.2 magnitude.