Asteroid 107888 2001 FY92

107888 2001 FY92 is a Mars-crossing asteroid with an estimated diameter of 5 km. It was discovered on March 16, 2001, by LINEAR at Socorro. The semi-major axis is 2.98 AU, the eccentricity is 0.309 and the inclination is 6.60 degrees.

Observations of this asteroid were made on 4 nights during July and August 2005, when it was in the field of another asteroid I was observing. Analysis of the data yielded a very noisy lightcurve with a period of just over 5.2 hours. More observations are required to confirm the reality of this results.

Lightcurve results for 107888 2001 FY92.
Period 5.207 +/- 0.005 hours. Amplitude 0.5 +/- 0.1 magnitude.