NGC 6723

45 minutes exposure, Fuji Super HG V 400 film.
5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.

NGC 6723 is a small, moderately bright globular cluster on the border between Sagittarius and Corona Australis. The globular cluster is visible in a small telescope, although partial resolution generally requires an 8" telescope. What makes this cluster particularly interesting is the region in which it is situated. Imediately to the south of the cluster is a complex mass of dark nebulosity with several patches illuminated by imbedded stars. Several of these stars are irregular variable stars. This region is a facinating area to observe with a good globular cluster, murky dark patches, and foggy stars that change brightness irregularly.

45 minutes exposure, Kodak Ektachrome 200 slide film.
5" f/5 refractor, prime focus.

45 minutes exposure, Fuji Super HG V 400 film.
300mm f/6 newtonian at prime focus.