NGC 362

Combination of 3, 3 minute exposures, Meade 416xt CCD.
8" f/6 newtonian telescope at prime focus.

NGC 362 is a moderately large and bright globular cluster in Tucana, very close to the Small Magellanic Cloud. At magnitude 6.8 and around 13' across, it is a fine object for small telescopes. Yet it is almost totally unknown. There are most likely 2 reasons for this. Firstly it is situated at a declination of around -70 degrees. This means it is unaccessable to virtually all northern hemisphere observers. The second reason is its competition! It is very close to a naked-eye galaxy and to one of the finest globular clusters in the sky, 47 tucanae! For this reason, many observers overlook this cluster, to their loss.

Combination of 30, 1 minute exposures, SBIG ST9XE CCD camera.
300mm f/6 newtonian telescope at prime focus.

The cluster is visible to the naked eye under very dark skies, and in a small telescope, it appears as a moderately large, nebulous patch of light. In an 8" telescope, partial resolution is achieved.