NGC 3114

Combination of 2, 30 second images taken in bright moonlight.
Modified Canon Digital Rebel DSLR camera. 5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.

NGC 3114 is a large scattered cluster of fairly bright stars, and is suitable for any telescope or binoculars. Situated on a rich portion of the Carina Milky Way, this cluster deserves to be much better known. In an 8" telescope with a low magnification, wide angle eyepiece, the view is beautiful. While most of the brighter stars are B and A type main sequence stars, there are several K-type orange giant stars and on the western edge of the cluster is a deep red N-type star, HD 86936.

These two images were supposed to be the start of a long run of short exposures. Unfortunately after the second image, the battery in the camera was flat, so that was the end of the imaging for a few hours. I had managed to leave the AC adapter back in the US. :-((( Still, for only 60 seconds, it did not turn out too badly.