NGC 2453

45 minutes exposure, Fuji Super HG V 400 film.
5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.

NGC 2453 is very compact cluster of moderately faint stars in Puppis, about 4 degrees south of the open cluster, M93. It is located in an interesting region of the sky with several small open clusters and emission nebulae close by. The brightest star in the cluster is an A type main sequence star, while close to the centre of the cluster is a K type, orange giant star. Since the cluster is very compact, it bares magnification well.

Also of interest close by is the planetary nebula NGC 2452. It is close enough to the cluster for the two to be visible in the same field. The planetary is around 12th magnitude and is a nice object in the telescope. It's position is indicated by the circle in the picture above.