<h3><center> NGC 2264<br>The Christmas Tree Cluster</center></h3>

NGC 2264
The Christmas Tree Cluster

30 minutes exposure. Konica 3200 film.
6" f/3.75 Schmidt-newtonian at prime focus.

The Christmas Tree cluster is a very destinctive grouping of stars in Monoceros, about 5 degrees north of the Rosette nebula. In the telescope it does look very much like a Christmass tree complete with lights.

Surrounding the cluster is a very large emission nebula Sh2-273. This is more commonly known as the Cone Nebula. Unfortunately, due to the poor red sensitivity of the Konica 3200 film, only a few faint traces of the nebula are visible. More of the nebulosity is visible in the next image which was taken with Kodak film.

43 minutes exposure. Kodak Elite 200 slide film.
5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.