Results at Tissue Level

Some Imaging Results from our work in Biophysics at the Tissue Level

Time-resolved Proton Magnetization Images of Monkey (Left) and Human Brain (Right)
(Human: Size:128x128 , FOV= 28 cm; Thicknss=8 mm; Time: 0-640ms, 20 ms increment) 
(Monkey: Size: 256x256, FOV=14 cm; Thickness= 3 mm, Time= 23, 40, 46, 69, 80, 92,120, 160 ms)


Calculated water proton relaxation maps of human brain

The two circles on the top of the head were internal relaxation calibration tubes. The maps were calculated using a pixel-by-pixel nonlinear regression calculation of 128 time-resolved MR images, 128x128 pixel size each.

The calculated Proton density, T1, T2 and Chisquare maps provide the maps of the physical states of water proton in the tissues.