"Statistical Physics"
Spring 2002


Instructor: Prof. J. Huang, Tel: 742-4780, e-mail:

Meeting:    MWF 10:00-10:50 in Holden Hall 111

Office Hours: MWF11:00-11:50 and by appointment, Science 35

Textbook: "Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics" by F. Reif.
                        (McGraw-Hill, 1965)
                   Useful reference: "Statistical Mechanics" by R. Kubo (North-Holland,
                        1965). This book has many solved problems.

Objective: To learn the basics concepts and methods of applying microscopic "classical" and "quantum" statistics to physical systems, and how they are related to macroscopic thermodynamic properties.

Homework: Problems will be assigned from the textbook and other sources. These will be collected and graded. You may also be asked to present your solution in class. Solving problems and working through derivations is the primary method for leaning statistical physics. You may discuss homework assignments with your classmates, but you must turn in your own work.

Examinations: There will be a midterm and a comprehensive final. The material and time will be announced in class.

Grading Policy: Homework 40%, midterm exam 30%, final exam 30%
          100-86: A
85-72: B
71-58: C
57-44: D

Disability: Any student who, because of a disabling condition, may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements, should contact the instructor as soon as possible so that necessary accommodations can be made. Proper documentation about the disability must be presented from the Dean of Student's office.