Our graduates go on to rewarding careers in science, technology, and teaching
Some specific former students, arranged by employment type and year of graduation .....

Sui-An Tang - M.S. 1988 (Advisor: Myles) Software Engineer, US Red Cross, Washington, DC

Wei-Gang Li - Ph.D. 1991 (Advisor: Myles) Engineer, ALCATEL Corporation, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Mark Bistransin - M.S. 1993 (Advisor: Glab)  Raytheon ITSS, optical R&D.
    "The Physics department at Texas Tech gave me a very solid foundation in
    Electro-optical physics and computational analysis for building my career.
     I'm currently working as a NASA contractor with Raytheon ITSS with the
    Goddard Space Flight Center characterizing the performance and calculating
    time dependent calibration corrections to the solar backscatter ultraviolet
    sensors.  These are space-based sensors flown onboard NOAA polar orbiting
    satellites used to estimate the atmospheric ozone profile."

Ke-qi Qin - Ph.D. 1994 (Advisor: Glab) Sawtek (Orlando, FL), RF Engineer.

Ric Justus - M.S.-I 1997, Intel Corp. Rio Rancho, NM

Rich Lawrence - M.S.-I 1997, Texas Instruments Dallas

Jeremy O'Dell - M.S.-I 1998, Jordan Valley Semiconductor Austin, TX

Yvonne Emil - M.S.-I 1998, Phillips Semiconductor, Albuquerque, NM

Brian Weber - M.S.-I 1998, Intel Corp. Rio Rancho, NM

Marvin Partin - M.S.-I 1998, Intel Corp. Rio Rancho, NM

Chris Carty - M.S.-I 1998, Intel Corp. Boston

Patrick Glynn - M.S. 1998 (Advisor: Glab)

Jerome DeGuzman - M.S.-I 1998, Intel Corp. Boston

Mike Baker - M.S.-I 1999, Cypress Semiconductor Austin, TX 

Dr. Arjang Fartash - M.S.-I 1999, Intel Corp. Portland, OR

Nick Martinez - M.S.-I 1999, Intel Corp. Rio Rancho, NM

Dr. Bill Turmel - M.S.-I 1999, American Microsystems Pocatello, ID

Jianbai Zhu - M.S.-I 1999, Texas Instruments Dallas


Sylvester N. Ekpenuma - PhD 1990 (Advisor: Myles) Science Division Chair and Professor,
Claflin College, Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Dr. Timothy Dallas - Ph.D. 1997 (Advisor: Holtz) Texas Tech, Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering

Dr. Toni Sauncy - Ph.D. 1998 (Advisor: Holtz) Angelo State University, Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Moonsuk Seon - Ph.D. 1999 (Advisor: Holtz) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr. Patrick J. Nichols - Ph.D. 2002 (Advisor: Gibson) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of New Orleans

 National Laboratories and Military Institutions

Greg Osterman - M.S. 1990 (Advisor: Gibson) Staff Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.

Terry Adams - Ph.D. 1994 (Advisors: Gibson and Lichti) Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico.

 Young K. Park - Ph.D. 1995 (Advisor: Myles) KIST (Korean Inst of Science and Technology)

Clay Allred  - M.S. 1998 (Advisor: Menzel) U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory