Octoberfest is an event (party) that my friends and I have once a year. We have all moved from our hometown but still like to get together and have some fun. We have this "get together" in a town that one of us lives in. This year, 1999, we have decided it shall be here in Lubbock. It is held sometime in October and the day is decided by the host, me. So I thought it would be cool to have it Halloween weekend. Check out the pictures of the party, all my old friends and some new ones were there just having fun.

"Just hanging out". That's what it is. Friends just hanging out.

Just hanging out, summer at NASA, some Vaction, and other stuff

I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you're in the pictures hope you like what I've done with them. Thanks to all my friends and until next time be cool.

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