"Missing" Former Students
This page is a list of some of my former MS & PhD students whom I have "lost".
If you know where they are, please contact me at Charley.Myles@ttu.edu. Thanks!
Page giving titles & dates of dissertations & theses.

Former MS Students
1. Xin Zhang (MS, 1993).
2. Byeongchul Ha (MS, 1997).
Received thePhD in Physics, from the U. of Texas-Arlington, Arlington, TX.
Last known email: bxh3179ha@netscape.net.

Former PhD Students
1. Jeffrey R. Gregg (PhD, 1988).

Martin Gundersen's Former PhD Students at USC
(I had a role in their advisement)
1. Hong-Hai Dai (PhD, Physics, 1988).
2. Jung Hur (PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1992).

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