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A Page highlighting successful careers of several former students.
A Page listing several former students who are "missing".
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I have served as the Research Advisor (or co-Advisor) for:
    1. 8 students who finished the Physics MS in  at Texas Tech.
    2. 11 students who finished the Physics PhD at Texas Tech.
        This includes a student who received the PhD posthumously. Also, I was Research Advisor to one student who finished all PhD requirements BUT the dissertation.
3. 5 who finished PhD's at the U. of Southern Cal. 1 in Physics, 2 in Electrical Engineering & 2 in Materials Science.
    4. 2 who finished the Physics Diplome (~equivalent to MS) at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland.

MS in Physics at Texas Tech University
    1. Jun Shen, 1984. "Theory of Electronic Spectra in Linear Quaternary Alloys."
L. Ricks Hauenstein, 1988. "Theory of Optical Cross Sections of Deep Level Impurities in III-V Semiconductors."
    3. Xin Zhang, 1993. "Deep levels in II-VI Semiconductor Alloys, Including Lattice Relaxation Effects."
Byeongchul Ha, 1997. "Molecular Dynamics Study of Staebler-Wronski Effect in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon: Large Supercells."
    5. Annie Jessica Wacheux, 2013.  "Vibrational and Thermal Properties of Type-I Tin Clathrates."
6. Jieun Yoo, 2013. "Electron Nuclear Dynamics Studies of Cancer Therapy Processes" (Co-Advised with Jorge Morales).
7.. Timothy Henry, 2015. "Solar Ephemeris Applications and Image Analysis."* (*Internship/Report based MS. Co-Advised with Roger Lichti).
. Henry Stam, 2017.  "Structural, Electronic, and Vibrational Properties of Some Type-II Tin Based Clathrates."
9.. Hadeel Zahid, 2017.  "Structural, Vibrational and Thermal Properties of Some Type-II Tin Based Clathrates."
PhD in Physics at Texas Tech University
    1. Yu-Tang Shen, 1986. "Chemical Trends for Deep Levels Associated with Vacancy-Impurity Complexes in Semiconductors."
    2. William C. Ford, 1986. "Theory of Alloy Broadening of Deep Electronic Energy Levels in Ternary Semiconductor Alloys."

    3. Jeffrey R. Gregg, 1988. "Electronic Properties of III-V Semiconductor Alloys."
Sylvester N. Ekpenuma, 1990. "Electronic Properties and Microhardness of Semiconductor Alloys."

Wei-Gang Li, 1991. "Effects of Lattice Relaxation on Deep Levels in Semiconductors."

Sui-An Tang, dissertation research, 1987-1993, all but dissertation completed. "Impact Ionization and Avalanche Breakdown in Semiconductors."

Ningyi Luo, 1994. "Dual Femtosecond Ti:Safire Laser for Ultrafast Optical Sampling Two-Color Pump/Probe Studies", (Joint supervision with
G.W. Robinson).
Young K. Park, 1994. "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Defect Formation in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon."

Samsoo Kang, 1998. "Simulation of High Field Transport in Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches."

Kenneth E. Kambour, 2003. "A Theory of Lock-on and Breakdown in Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch Materials." 
Dissertation. Graduation Photos. 
    11. Koushik Biswas, 2007. "Theoretical Characterization of Type II Clathrate Materials." Dissertation.
    12. Emmanuel Nenghabi, 2009. "First Principles Study of Si-Ge Clathrate Alloys." (PhD Poshumously Awarded!)
Proposal.  Memorial web Page.
13. Dong Xue, 2017. (Projected!!) "First Principles Study of the Properties of Some Type II Si and Ge Clathrates."
PhD at the University of Southern California
(Joint supervision with M. A. Gundersen)
    1. Paul G. Snyder, 1986. "Phonon Assisted Recombination in Indirect Gap III-IV Semiconductors." (Electrical Engineering).
Hong-Hai Dai, 1988. "A Study of Radiative Recombination and Related Properties of III-V Semiconductors." (Physics).

Jung Hur, 1992. "A Study of Lock-On and Other High Electric Field Effects in Photoconductive Switches." (
Electrical Engineering).
Kathy (Xianyue) Gu, 2006.
"GaAs, SiC and GaN FET-Type Switches for Pulsed Power Applications." (Materials Science).
    5. Qiong Shui, 2006. "FET-type Switches for use in Repetitive Pulsed Power."  (Materials Science).
Physics Diplome at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  (EPFL Lausanne)
    1. Chuong-Cong-Toai, 1976. "Model Calculation of the Size Dependence of the Conduction Electron Spin Resonance g-Shift in a Small Metal Particle."
Voh-Van-Nhuan, 1977. "Size Dependence of the Conduction Electron Spin Resonance Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time in a Small Metal Particle."

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