Myles Sibling Reunion: Branson, Missouri, May, 2004
Present: Barbara Griffiths (my sister), Marilynn & Bill Fitzpatrick (my sister & brother-in-law), Doug & Signe Myles (my brother & sister-in-law), Richard & Reba Ahlgren (my cousin & his wife: Honorary Siblings!), Charley & Barbara Myles

All of us

Left to right:
Barbara G., Marilynn &
Bill F., Reba & Richard A., Signe & Doug, Barbara & Charley M.


All but Doug

Left to right:
Marilynn &
Bill F.,
Richard & Reba A., Signe, Barbara & Charley M., Barbara G.

Siblings + Richard & Reba

Left to right:
Marilynn F., Charley M., Doug M., Barbara G., 
Richard & Reba A.

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