Charles W. Myles: Academic "Family Tree", Pre-1800, Beer "Branch"
This is taken from the the "Chemical Genealogy Database" which is Here.
Specifically, for this branch, start Here and follow the Advisor links.

Georg Joseph Beer: MD, 1786, University of Vienna
Advisor: Joseph Barth
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Joseph Barth:  MD, 1770, University of Vienna
Advisor: Anton Stork
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Anton Stork:  MD, 1757, University of Vienna
Advisor: Gerard van Swieten
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Gerard van Swieten: MD, 1725, Leiden University
Advisor: Hermann Boerhaave
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Hermann Boerhaave: MD, 1693, University of Harderwijk
Advisor: Burchard de Volder
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Burchard de Volder: MD, 1664, Leiden University
Advisor: Franciscus (de le Boe) Sylvius
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Franciscus (de le Boe) Sylvius: MD, 1637, University of Basel
Advisor: Stupaeus

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