Charles W. Myles: Academic "Family Tree"
Much of the 20th Century part of this is borrowed from Dave Drabold (Ohio U.), another of Pete Fedders' students! His Academic "Family Tree", including his students, is Here. The part prior to A.P. Wills (PhD, 1897) is taken from the "Chemical Genealogy Database" which is  Here. Specifically, start Here & follow the "Advisor" links. This database is a rich source of biographical information (birth & death dates. etc.) & it contains brief summaries of major scientific accomplishments. Where possible, it also lists references (books, journals, etc.) where the information can be confirmed.  This list starts from my own PhD and works backward in time.

Charles W. Myles: PhD, 1973, Washington University (St. Louis)
Charley Myles' MS & PhD Students
Advisor: Peter A. (Pete) Fedders
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Peter A. Fedders: PhD, 1965, Harvard University
Pete Fedders' PhD Students.   Some Fedders Quotes
Advisor: Paul C. Martin
Co-Advisor: Henry Ehrenreich. This branch continues Here
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Paul C. Martin: PhD, 1954, Harvard University
A Martin Link
Advisor: Julian Schwinger
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Julian Schwinger: PhD, 1939, Columbia University
Nobel Prize in Physics, 1965.  Some Schwinger Links
Advisor: I.I. Rabi
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I.I. (Isidor Isaac) Rabi: PhD, 1926,  City College of New York
Nobel Prize in Physics, 1944.   Some Rabi Links
Advisor: A.P. Wills
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A.P. (Albert Potter) Wills: PhD, 1897, Clark University
Author of a text on vectors & tensors
Co-Author (with Max Planck) of 8 Lectures on Theoretical Physics
Advisor: A.G. Webster
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A.G. (Arthur Gordon) Webster: PhD, 1890, Technical U. of Berlin
Founder or "Father" of the American Physical Society
Advisor: Herman L. F. von Helmholtz
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Hermann (Ludwig Ferdinand) von Helmholtz: MD, 1842, Technical U. of Berlin
Physicist, Physiologist, Anatomist, Mathematician, and Medical Doctor
Physics Accomplishments     Biography & Accomplishments
One of the 19th Century's Greatest Scientists
Advisor: Johannes Peter Muller
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Johannes Peter Muller: MD, 1822, University of Bonn
Physiologist and Medical Doctor
Advisor: Philip Franz von Walther
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Philip Franz von Walther: MD, 1803, Landshut U. of Applied Sciences
Co-Advisor: Georg Joseph Beer. This branch continues Here.
Co-Advisor: J.P. Frank. This branch continues Here.

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