Physics 5335 (Physics of Semiconductors), Lectures
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Notation for the Books BW = Semiconductor Physics & Applications by Balkanski & Wallis
YC =  Fundamentals of Semiconductors by Yu & Cardona, S  =  Semiconductor Physics by Seeger
A course related to this one is Phys 4309-5304 (Solid State Physics). For some related & overlapping topics in the two
courses, lectures prepared for Phys 4309-5304 contain more details than those posted here. These lectures are Here.

Course Introduction: Syllabus, Course Web pages, Grading
      Exams, Homework, Semester Project

1. Introduction to Semiconductors Lectures 
      (BW, Ch. 1; YC, Chs. 1 & 2; S, Ch. 1) Note: More detailed treatments of crystal
       structures & reciprocal lattices are in lectures from Phys 4309-5304, Solid State Physics
       These are Here. Crystal Structure lectures are Here.  Reciprocal Lattice lectures are Here. 

2. Electronic Bandstructures Lectures 
      (BW, Chs. 2 & 3; YC, Ch. 2; S, Ch. 2)  Note: More detailed discussions of bandstructures 
        & related topics are in lectures from Phys 4309-5304, Solid State Physics. These are Here.  
3. Electronic Properties of Impurities & Defects Lectures
      (BW, Ch. 5; YC, Ch. 4)
4. Lattice Vibrations & Phonons Lectures
      (BW, Ch. 7; YC, Ch. 3)
5. Electron & Hole Statistics Lectures
      (BW, Ch. 6; S, Ch. 3)

6. Transport Properties Lectures
      (BW, Chs. 4 & 8; YC, Ch. 5; S, Chs. 4-9)
7. Optical Properties Lectures
      (BW, Chs. 10 & 11; YC, Chs. 6-8; S, Chs. 11-13)

8. Quantum Confinement Lectures
      (BW, Chs. 15 - 18; YC, Ch. 9; S, Ch. 14)

9. Introduction to Some "Hot" Topics Lectures 
      (Many different outside sources) 

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