Physics 5335 (Physics of Semiconductors)
Homework Assignments & Solutions
You are strongly encouraged to form study groups to work on homework together! This is how physicists work! NO CONSULTATION with people who had the course previously! NO use of problem solutions from previous years is allowed! This is the honor system! Copying solutions will NOT teach you physics!

Notation for BooksBW = Semiconductor Physics & Applications by Balkanski & Wallis
YC =  Fundamentals of Semiconductors by Yu & Cardona, S  =  Semiconductor Physics by Seeger
Introduction to Semiconductors (BW, Ch. 1; YC, Chs. 1 & 2; S, Ch. 1)
   Homework #1 Problems are on these topics.
Electronic Bandstructures (BW, Ch. 2; YC, Ch. 2; S, Ch. 2)
   Homework #2 Problems are on these topics.
Electronic Properties of Defects (BW Ch. 5; YC Ch. 4, my old research notes).
  Homework #3 Problems are on these topics.
  Bonus Numerical Homework Problems are also on these topics.
Lattice Vibrations (BW, Ch. 7, YC, Ch. 3).
    Homework #4 Problems are on these topics.
Semiconductor Statistics (BW, Ch. 6; S, Ch. 3)
  Homework #5 Problems are on these topics.
Transport Properties (BW, Ch. 4; YC, Ch. 5; S, Ch. 4)
   Homework #6 Problems are on these topics.
Optical Properties (BW, Chs. 10 & 11, YC Chs. 6-8, S Ch. 11).
   Homework #7 Bonus Problems are on these topics.  

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