Physics 5335 (Physics of Semiconductors)Fall, 2016
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Class Meets: 11:00-11:50am, Mon., Wed., AND Fri., Math Room 110
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There may be changes in them as the semester progresses!!
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Abbreviations below are to books: BW = book by Balkanski & Wallace,
YC = book by Yu & Cardona, S = book by Seeger

1.  Assignment #2: ASAP, Please Read Chs. 2 & 3 in the BW book! They are an introduction to & an overview of electronic bandstructures in crystalline materials, with emphasis on semiconductors. Some Lectures on these topics are Here. Rather than focus on the details & math of the caclulations, the Physics behind the existence of energy bands & gaps will be emphasized. Most topics in BW, Chs. 2 & 3 will be discussed. Material from other sources, such as YC, Ch. 2 and S, Ch. 2 & the research literature will also be brought into the discussion.
2.  Assignment #1: You should have read Ch. 1 in the BW book! This is an introduction to & an overview of semiconductor materials. Some Lectures on these introductory topics are Here.  Most topics in BW, Ch. 1 have been discussed. Material from other sources, such as YC, Ch. 1 & 2 and S, Ch. 1 & other sources was also be brought into the discussion. We are finished discussing these topics.
3. HomeworkThe first Homework Assignment is now posted on the Homework Page Here. It is due at 5 pm, Monday, September 19. As the course proceeds, other assignments will also be posted. 
4. Power Point LecturesThere are Power Point Lectures on the Lecture Pages Here. 
     Note that they may be undergoing revisions & renovations as the class proceeds.
5.  Semester Project: As is stated in the Syllabus, 30% of the grade in this class is for a Semester Library Research Project, with a paper & a presentation due at the end of the semester. You should pick your topic by mid-semester!
6. Other Course-Related Topics:
     A. Textbooks:
         1). Required: Semiconductor Physics & Applications, by M. Balkanski & R.F. Wallis (Oxford U. Press, 2000). Book webpage. Major portions of the course will use this book. Topics will be discussed in approximately the same order as the table of contents, however, material from many sources other than this book will also be used.
         2). Optional Supplements: Fundamentals of Semiconductor Physics, by Peter Y. Yu & Manuel Cardona (Springer-Verlag).
 Semiconductor Physics, by Karlheinz Seeger  (Springer-Verlag). Portions of the course will use some of the information in them. 
    B. ATTENDANCE: The weekend DOESN'T start Thursday! I don't take roll & have no specific attendance policy. But, isn't it obvious that (unless you're a genius!) attendance is REQUIRED to get a good grade (or to LEARN SOMETHING!)? There is a correlation between class attendance & grades.
    C. Email Distribution List: I will construct an email distribution list. I'll try to send at least 1 message/week. Sometimes these will be long, but they contain important information, so please read all of each of them. This will prevent me from having to answer numerous questions about the topics discussed in these notes. Thanks! If you know you're on my list & you aren't receiving my messages, some reasons for this are discussed Here!! 

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