Physics 5306 (Classical Dynamics)
Student Talks
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Fall, 2003
Chaos and Fractals (ppt, 1.12 MB)                    Chaos in Pendula (ppt, 96 kB)

  Driven Damped Pendulum (pdf, 105 kB)         Implications of c (ppt, 1.09 MB)

         Mercury Perihelion (ppt, 1.01 MB)                  Nonlinear Oscillations (ppt, 208 kB)

Restricted 3 Body Problem (ppt, 422 kB)

Fall, 2004
          Fractals (ppt, 4.18 MB)                                General Relativity (ppt, 1.36 MB)

    Pendulum as a Perturbed Rotor (ppt, 136 kB)                    Chaos and Strange Attractors (ppt, 1.05 MB)

Space Flight (ppt, 998 kB)                                                 Physics of Martial Arts (ppt, 589 kB)

Perturbation Theory in Classical Mechanics (ppt, 164 kB)           Fluid Dynamics (ppt, 255 kB)

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