Physics 5305 (Statistical Physics), Lectures
This page will have SOME lectures in Power Point (or PDF) format.
Attention!! Many lectures are under construction!! Several may change as time goes on.
A GOAL is to post lectures before we discuss a topic in class, but I can't promise!
Some Lectures from my old Physics 5305 course are Here. 
Some Lectures from my Physics 4302 course are Here.
Many lectures are under construction!!  They may change as time goes on. A goal is to have lectures on new material posted right after we discuss the material in class!. COPYRIGHT: All lectures are copyrighted/owned by C.W. Myles! No use of them other than by students in this course is allowed! Unless otherwise noted, chapter numbers refer to chapters in the book by Pathria & Beale. Topics are arranged approximately in the same order as chapters in that book. Supplemental material other sources is also used. When the use of supplemental material is extensive, the source of that material is noted.

1. Course Introduction: Syllabus & Rules. Overview of Statistical Mechanics.
2. Probability & Statistics Review: Ensembles, Discrete &
             Continuous Probability Distributions.
3. Undergrad Stat & Thermal Physics Review: Fundamental Postulate, Entropy, 
             Temperature, Thermal Equlibrium, Laws of Thermo, Classical Thermo
4. Chapter 1: Statistical Basis of Thermodynamics.
5. Chapters 2 & 3: Ensemble Theory. The Canonical Ensemble. Applications.
6. Chapter 4: Ensemble Theory. The Grand Canonical Ensemble. Applications.

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