Physics 5305 (Statistical Physics)
Homework Assignments & Solutions
Problems from the book by Pathria & Beale (P&B) + other sources
Solutions will be posted shortly after the due date. You're strongly encouraged to work on homework in groups!
This is how physicists work in real situations! It's possible that on the web, solutions to some or all problems might be found. 
Copying these & handing them in as your own is CHEATING!! Anyone caught cheating will, at a minimum, receive an “F” in this course!
TTU has strict policies against cheating & severe penalties for it, including expulsion from the university.
Copying solutions from other sources is  WON'T teach you physics

1. Homework # 1: Review Problems on Probability & Statistics
                    These are due at 5pm Tuesday, February 14.
2. Homework # 2: Problems from  Ch. 1,  will soon be assigned.

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