Physics 5305 (Statistical Physics), Spring, 2018
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Class Meets: 9:30-1:00AM, Tuesday AND ThursdayScience Room 123

Attention!! Many of these Statistical Physics pages are under construction!!
There may be more changes as the semester progresses!!!
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The webpage for Physics 4302 (Undergrad Statistical & Thermal Physics)
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chapter numbers below numbers refer to the book by Pathria & Beale

1. Class Begins at 9:30am, Thursday, January 18, in Science 123. See you there!   
2. Assignment # 1: Review of Probability & Statistics. You can do this by getting any book on this subject and reading the first few chapters. Some Power Point Lectures on this material are available for download on the Lecture Page. A homework assignment on the material will soon be given.

Study or Collaboration Groups
Study Groups: Forming study groups to collaborate on homework, etc. is an EXCELLENT idea!
Its easier to learn stuff with friends' help! If you don't have friends in class, maybe you should make some! I strongly encourage you to form such groups! This is how physicists work in real situations! However, NO CONSULTATION with people who had this course previously is allowed! Also, NO use of problem solutions posted in previous years is allowed! This is on the honor system! It will do you no good to merely copy old solutions! Copying solutions will NOT teach you physics!

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