Physics 5305 (Statistical Physics) Lectures
(Power Point, .ppt, format)
Selected Advanced Topics in Statistical Mechanics
NOTE! Some of these files don't contain some special symbols, like a dot over a variable to indicate a time derivative (& a double dot to indicate a second time derivative) & an arrow over a variable to indicate a 3d vector. These were hand written in by me in the transparencies used in class. If you download these files, it is up to YOU, the student, to supply these missing pieces! Sorry! COPYRIGHT: All lectures are copyrighted & owned by Charles W. Myles! No reproduction and/or use of them other than by students  in this course  is allowed!
NOTE!!! Much of this is excerpted from and/or is combinations of various files found on the web.
Information Theory: Introduction & Overview Part I.
      This file Includes a Brief Discussion of the Career of 
       Claude E. Shannon: The "Father" of Information Theory.
          AND The "Father" of: 
                    Practical Digital Circuit Design Theory (MS Thesis, MIT, 1938)
         PLUS Cyrptology (code breaking). Also a  Major Contributor to: Algebra for Theoretical Genetics, 
                          Color Theory,  Theory of  Linear Smoothing, Theory & Design of Linear Differential Equation Machines,  
                          Electronic Telephone Switching Methods, Methods of Signal Transmission to a Moving Vehicle,..
Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics:
                  Part IPart II, Part IIIPart IV.

Thermodynamics of Black Holes: Part I.

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