Physics 5305 (Statistical Physics) Lectures
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Chapter 2
Statistical Description of Systems of Particles
NOTE! Some of these files don't contain some special symbols, like a dot over a variable to indicate a time derivative (& a double dot to indicate a second time derivative) & an arrow over a variable to indicate a 3d vector. These were hand written in by me in the transparencies used in class. If you download these files, it is up to YOU, the student, to supply these missing pieces! Sorry! COPYRIGHT: All lectures are copyrighted & owned by Charles W. Myles! No reproduction and/or use of them other than by students  in this course  is allowed! 
Statistical Formulation of the Mechanical Problem
Part I, Sections 2.1-2.5: Specification of the State of a System. Statistical Ensemble.
              Basic Postulate of Statistical Mechanics. Approach to Equilibrium.
              Probability Calculations. Behavior of the Density of States.

Interaction Between Macroscopic Systems
Part II, Sections 2.6-2.9: Thermal Interaction. Mechanical Interaction. General Interaction.
               Quasi-static Processes.
Part III, Sections 2.10 & 2.11: Quasi-static Work Done by Pressure. Exact & Inexact Differentials.
Supplemental Material Excerpted from Posts by Others on the Web
Item I: Postulate #1: Fundamental Postulate.      
Item II: Postulate #2: A Priori Probabilities.
Item III: Basic Laws #1: Gases and Particulates. 
Item IV: Basic Laws #2: First Law of Thermodynamics.
Item V: Isolated Systems: Temperature.
Item VI, Macrostates & Microstates #1: Accessible States in Classical & Quantum Mechanics.
Item VII: Macrostates & Microstates  #2: Accessible States  & Entropy.
Item VIII: Statistical Thermodynamics #1: Gibbs & Boltzmann Statistics.
Item IX: Statistical Thermodynamics #2: Various Ensembles.

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