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Power Point Lectures: Some of the lectures posted on the Lecture Page were developed by me. Others are based on lectures posted by various other people. I may also post some of these on the web. If others were the primary authors, I will, of course, give them proper credit.

1. Assignment #1: For 20 EXTRA POINTS towards your Homework Grade, send me an email! Send it to me at Please include your name & Physics 4302 in the message. I will use your emails to construct an accurate email distribution list. I will be using email to send important announcements & calendar items. The DEADLINE for this is 5pm, Tuesday, January 24, 2012!

2. Assignment #2: ASAP!! Read Ch. 1 (Introduction to Statistical Methods) of the book by Reif. The chapter in the book by Blundell & Blundell which covers similar material is Ch. 3 (Probability). Some Power Point Lectures on this material are Here. This material is an outline of the probablility & statistics needed in this course . We will spend about a week on this topic. Homework # 1: Reif, Ch. 1 Problems: #1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11,15.  Blundell & Blundell, Ch. 3 Problems: #1,3,4,5. TENTATIVE Due Date: Wednesday, February 1! For those who don't have Blundell & Blundell, I'll pass out copies of the assigned problems.  

Email List: I will construct an email list & send announcement emails. I'll try to send mass emails a couple times a week to my list. If you don't receive it, an important reason might be Here.  It's vital that I have your correct email address, that you tell me if it changes, & that you check your email DAILY!! If you aren't on the list, you may miss important announcements. If you aren't receiving my messages & think you ARE on my list, something is wrong, so please come & discuss this with me. My email address is

A Wonderful Video! Look at this video which is posted on the TTU Web Here. It's about Ginger Kerrick, an accomplished young woman who is also my friend. She is one of the most distinguished alumni of the Dept. of Physics & TTU. She has a Physics BS (1991) & MS (1993). She is a Flight Director for the International Space Station! While she was here, I taught her in at least 2 undergrad classes & one graduate class. She was always at the top of those classes & was a pleasure to teach. She was Commencement speaker in Dec., 2010. I'm proud of her success. TTU has done an excellent job on this video, which is excellent PR for TTU & our department. U-Tube also has many videos of interviews with her in her Flight Director job. She visited the department many times since she graduated & she is still as nice, outgoing, & energetic as she was when she was a student. More information about her is Here.

Richard P. Feynman: In class, I briefly mentioned Richard Feynman. If you are curious, you can find out a lot about him by looking on the web Here. Also, I have put together a power point file of short summary of his life & accomplishments. If you like, you may download it Here

Downloading Lectures & Homework/Exam Solutions: Some files are large! If you have a dial-up connection, this may mean long download times. So, it might be more efficient to SAVE the file & open it later, rather than open it directly. It also might be more efficient to go to the ATLC (library basement) & use a direct connection. I've tested all files using both Internet Explorer (IE) & Mozilla Firefox & all work well.

Printing Solutions: If you use some versions of IE, there's a problem printing .jpg files. For some reason, these don't fit properly on the page when you "Print" from the screen, even though it looks ok on the screen. A way around this (cumbersome!) is to download the .jpg to a file & use a picture viewer to view & print it. Using Firefox this doesn't occur. I think its a defect in IE.
Study Groups: Forming study groups to collaborate on homework, etc. is an EXCELLENT idea! Its easier to learn stuff with friends' help! If you don't have friends in class, maybe you should make some! I strongly encourage you to form such groups! This is how physicists work in real situations! However, NO CONSULTATION with people who had this course previously is allowed! Also, NO use of problem solutions posted in previous years is allowed! This is on the honor system! It will do you no good to merely copy old solutions! Copying solutions will NOT teach you physics!

My Research: I need students! NOTE: At present, I have no money to support an RA.  I do computational materials (solid state) theory. See my Homepage, Research Page, Publications Page & Conference Presentations Page for details.
My PhD Student (Koushik Biswas) graduated in August, 2007. See his  Dissertation for more details, Unfortunately, my most recent PhD student (Emmanuel Nenghabi) passed away in 2009. See a memorial page to him Here. TTU awarded him a Poshumous PhD in May, 2009.
See his Proposal  for details of his research. Both Koushik Biswas and Emmanuel Nenghabi have a number of published papers.
See papers #3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 on my Publications Page

WY Physics LogoThe WORLD YEAR OF PHYSICS 2005 marked 100 years since Albert Einstein published 3 pioneering papers (Relativity, Brownian Motion, Photoelectric Effect), which changed physics forever & are considered the beginning of "modern" physics! (He won the 1921 Nobel Prize for the Photoelectric Effect!).  The United Nations, the US Congress, & the governments & scientific societies of many countries have endorsed it. 2005 events will highlight the vitality & importance of physics & bring physics excitement to the public. For more information, click the image on the left.

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