Physics 5101, Physics Seminar, Spring, 2013 (Last modified 5/20/2013)
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Department of Physics Colloquium, 3:30-5:00PM, Thursdays, Science Room 234
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3:00PM-3:30PM, there will USUALLY be FREE refreshments in Room 103!! Please come to refreshments!
What other class gives you FREE food?? Coming to this gives opportunities to interact informally with the speaker & with Physics faculty!
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Tentative Schedule
Department of Physics Colloquia, Fall, 2012
Note: This schedule may change as the semester progresses!
Please watch the weekly announcements for up to date information!!
Abstracts for each talk will be distributed approximately one week before the scheduled date.

Thursday, 8/25/11
NO Colloquium!
Week Date Speaker
Topic Host
9/1/11 Luis Grave -de-Peralta Texas Tech U.
A year of SPP Tomography Charley Myles
2 9/8/11 Meng Tao Arizona State U. Photovoltaic Solar Cells Stefan Estreicher
3 9/15/11 Kelvin Cheng Texas Tech U. Protein Unfolding and Alzheimer’s Charley Myles
4 9/22/11 Heejong Kim U. of Chicago Positron Emission Tomography Nural Akchurin
5 9/29/11 Larry Scott Illinois Institute of Technology
Biophysics Juyang Huang
6 10/6/11 Texas Section APS Meeting, Texas A&M-Commerce!!
7 10/13/11 Greg Sullivan U. of Maryland The Ice Cube Experiment  Nural Akchurin
8 10/20/11 Bona Newman Twin Creeks Technologies Materials Physics Stefan Estreicher
9 10/27/11 Hye-Sung Lee Brookhaven National Lab
Particle Physics Sung-Won Lee
10 11/3/11 Murat Durandurdu Texas Tech U. Materials Under High Pressure
Charley Myles
11 11/10/11 Open Date So Far!
12 11/17/11 Parkson Chong Temple U. Biophysics Juyang Huang
13 12/1/11 Beth Thacker Texas Tech U. Large Scale Assessment at TTU
Charley Myles

Miscellaneous Topics
1. For some physics news, go to Physics Central. For news at a more advanced level, go to Focus News from the American Physical Society.

2. Check out the "Top 10 most influential people of the last 1000 years"! (Link borrowed from Dr. Tom Gibson!)

3. Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics! Did you ever wonder why there aren't more women physicists? Actually, a number of women made very important contributions to many areas of physics in the 1900's. Here is a website which discusses this in detail!

4. Do you want to know more about Dr. Myles (education, experience, research, etc.)? See his Homepage, his Research Page, & his Personal & Family Page. A page discussing his Current & Future Teaching is Here.

5.  For some Physics Fun, click Here. If you want more fun with Physics and with other science as well, the following is for you! I'm sure that you all have heard of the Nobel Prizes. Well, have you ever heard of the Ig-Nobel Prizes? These are real prizes, awarded each fall in a ceremony at Harvard University to the most entertaining research published recent years in several areas. The research projects may sound strange, but each is a REAL research project published in a REAL scientific journal. Most researchers receiving an Ig Nobel are practicing scientists, some of them are really very distinguished and a few of them have also been awarded a physics Nobel Prize. The presentation ceremony is streamed live on the internet. The Ig Nobel website has downloadable video clips of the ceremonies. The Ig Nobel presentations are always made by Nobel Prize winners.  Often dressed in silly costumes, these Nobel Laureates also participate in various silly activities which happen during the ceremony. For example there is a lottery with the tickets to the ceremony, the winners of which "Win a Date With a Nobel Laureate! The Ig Nobels are awarded by the same people who publish the Journal of Improbable Research (JIR). The requirements for a research paper to be published in JIR are that
it must contain research that  A. Makes People Laugh and B. Makes People Think!
These are also the two requirements for research to be considered for an Ig Nobel Prize.

WY Physics LogoThe WORLD YEAR OF PHYSICS 2005 marked 100 years since Albert Einstein published 3 pioneering papers (Relativity, Brownian Motion, Photoelectric Effect), which changed physics forever & are considered the beginning of "modern" physics! (He won the 1921 Nobel Prize for the Photoelectric Effect!).  The United Nations, the US Congress, & the governments & scientific societies of many countries have endorsed it. 2005 events will highlight the vitality & importance of physics & bring physics excitement to the public. For more information, click the image on the left.  

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