Solid State Physics Course (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
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Semiconductor Cyrstals
(Material from Kittel's Ch. 8 & MANY other sources. Some lectures on are based on those prepared for the
course Physics 5335, Semiconductor Physics, which is taught in the Fall of even numbered years. It was last taught in
Fall, 2010 & will be taught again in Fall, 2012. The lectures from that course are Here.)

A Survey
Properties & Characteristics of Semiconductors
A (mostly) Qualitative Discussion
Part I: What is a Semiconductor?
          Typical Conductivity & Bandgap Ranges.
            Portions of the Periodic Table Relevant
            to Semiconductor Constituents.
Part II: Survey of the Periodic Table.
Part III: Electrons & Holes as Charge Carriers.
            Qualitative Discussion of Electron & Hole Conduction.
            Intrinsic Materials. Impurity Doping.
           Temperature Dependences of Electron & Hole Concentrations.
Part IV: Properties of Defects & Impurities, Part a:
           Defect Classification by Electronic Properties.
           Point Defects. Substitutional Impurities.
           Donor & Acceptor Impurities. Shallow & Deep Levels.
          "Hydrogenic" Impurities. Effective Mass Theory.
Part V: Properties of Defects & Impurities, Part b:
          More on Shallow Donor & Acceptor Impurities.
          More on "Hydrogenic" Impurities.
Part VI: Properties of Defects & Impurities, Part c:
         Overview of Deep Levels & Deep Level Theory.

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