Solid State Physics Course (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
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Phonons I: Crystal Vibrations
(Material on Lattice Vibrations from Kittel's Ch. 4 plus MANY other sources).
This material & that on Elastic Properties are related.
See Elastic Properties Lectures.
Part I: A. Born-Oppenheimer (Adiabatic) Approximation.
                       Reduction of the Many Electron, Many Ion Problem to
                     Independent Electron & Ion Problems.
             B. Harmonic Approximation for Lattice Vibrations.
                      Reduction of the Many Ion Problem to the Lattice Vibrations
                    Problem. Treatment of Lattice Vibrations as Classical Normal Modes.

Part II: Model Calculations of Normal Modes.
                  The One-Dimensional Monatomic Chain Model.
                 The One-Dimensional Diatomic Chain Model.

Part III: Vibrational Normal Modes in Crystalline Materials.
                 ("Phonon Dispersion Relations" in Crystals) Overview
                     Results from Neutron & X-Ray Scattering Experiments.
                   Some Lattice Dynamics Models ("Theories") Used to Predict
                   Normal Modes in Crystals.

Part IV: Lattice Vibrations in Clathrate Semiconductors.
                     Not in the Text! From my research notes. 

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