Solid State Physics (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
Topics from the book by Kittel:
Chapter 3Crystal Binding
Also from the book by Omar:
Chapter 1
Crystal Structure & Interatomic Forces (Sects 9 & 10)
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Chemical Bonding & Crystal Binding Energies
Part I: Review of Quantum Mechanics
             Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics, Bonding in Molecules.

Part II: Overview of Bonding in Solids, Part A
                    Van Der Waals Bonding, Ionic Bonding

Part III: Overview of Bonding in Solids, Part B
                 Covalent Bonding, Hydrogen Bonding,
                  Metallic Bonding, Mixed Ionic-Covalent Bonding.

Part IV: Overview of Bonding in Solids, Part C
                 Classification of Solids by Bonding Type
                     Chemist's Classification of Solids:
                       Molecular, Covalent, Metallic,
                     Ionic, Mixed Covalent-Ionic.
More Discussions & Details of Bonding Types
Part V: Ionic Bonding

Part VICovalent Bonding

Part VII: Van Der Waals & Hydrogen Bonding
Part VIII: Metallic Bonding 

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