Solid State Physics (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
Topics from the book by Kittel:
Chapter 2: Wave Diffraction & the Reciprocal Lattice
Also from the book by Omar:
Chapter 2X-Ray, Neutron, & Electron Diffration in Crystals
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Wave Diffraction, Reciprocal Lattice, Brillouin Zone

ReviewInterference & Diffiraction
               From Physics 2401
Part IA. Brief Review of Classical Optics:
                   Specular Reflection, Constructive Interference
                   Destructive Interference, Diffraction 
             B. Brief Overview of X-Ray Physics:
                   History of Discovery, X-Ray Production
Part II: Overview of Diffraction of Waves by Crystals:
                    X-Ray Diffraction, Bragg's Law, The Reciprocal Lattice
                   Brillouin Zones, Laue Condition, Ewald Construction
                   Amplitude of Scattered Waves, Fourier Analysis of the Basis
                   Structure Factor, Atomic Form Factor, Structure Determination .
Part IIIA. Overview of Crystal Diffraction X-Ray Experiments:
                      Laue Methods, Rotating Crystal Method, Powder Method
                      Typical Results & Analysis
                 B. Crystal Diffraction with Electrons & Neutrons:
                      Brief Discussion.
Part VI: "Interaction of  X-Rays with Matter" and 
              "X-Ray DIffraction by Crystals":
                 A Very Nice Overview of Both Topics!
                    Generously Posted by Dr. Charles Campana,
                    Senior Scientist, Bruker AXS Corportaion.

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