Solid State Physics (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
Topics from the book by Kittel:
Chapter 1Crystal Structure
Also from the book by Omar:
Chapter 1
Crystal Structure & Interatomic Forces (Sects 1-7)
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Overview of Crystal Structure
These lectures cover most material in the book chapters mentioned above. But, material from many other sources was also used. Portions of lectures were constucted from files generously posted by Turkish Prof. Besire Gonul. See her Homepage & lecture Page. She nicely discusses many crystallography details & illustrates topics with many pictures of lattices. We won't necessarily discuss topics in the detail as she does, but feel free to read her more detailed lectures for your education in Crystallography. There are also a huge number of websites that can be used to supplement the books & my lectures.  A list of some of them is Here.
Part I: Introduction to & Overview of Cystallography, Part  I
     Basic Terminology & Definitions

Part IIOverview of Cystallography, Part  II
      More Terminology & Definitions: Lattice Vectors
           Unit Cells, Primitive Cells, Bravais Lattices, Common Structures

Part IIIOverview of Cystallography, Part  III
       More Terminology & Definitions: Wigner-Seitz Cells
            Notations for Lattice Points, Directions & Planes. Miller Indices

Part IV: Classification of Crystal Lattices
      There are 14 Bravais Lattices!  Some Details:
            Simple Cubic (SC), Body Centered Cubic (BCC)
            Face Centered Cubic (FCC), Hexagonal
            Hexagonal Close Packed (HCP), Triclinic
            Monoclinic, Orthorhombic, Tetragonal, Trigonal

Part V: The "Most Important" Crystal Structures:
       According to Some People!                    
            NaCl, CsCl, Diamond, Zincblende.
Part VI: "Basic Crystallography":
       A Very Nice Introduction to Crystal Structure!
           Generously Posted by Dr. Charles Campana,
               Senior Scientist, Bruker AXS Corportaion.

Special Topic: Not in the Texts!
          Introduction to Clathrate Crystal Lattices
                From my research notes & published papers!

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