Solid State Physics (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
Note: Some Lectures are under construction!
is to post a lecture before we discuss a topic in class, but I can't promise!

All lectures are copyrighted by C.W. Myles!
No reproduction &/or use of them other than by students in this course is allowed!!
Topics are mostly from Introduction to Solid State Physics, by C. Kittel.
They are discussed
in approximately the order of the table of contents.
Supplemental material from many other sources is also used.
When use of supplemental material is extensive, the source of the material is noted.

Introduction to the Course & to Solid State Physics

Part I: Syllabus, Web Pages, Grading, Exams,
              Homework, Semester Project

Part II: Overview of Solid State Physics - Topics Covered,
                Solid State Research as a Physics Sub-Area

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