Solid State Physics (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
Supplemental Material: History of Solid State Physics
Some Historical Topics of interest to me & perhaps to others
Note: I've posted original files which were originally posted by others.
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Brief History of Solid State Physics
Part I: Albert Einstein: The Father of Solid State Physics!!
            by Manuel Cardona 
                   [An article written in honor of the Year of Einstein - 1905] 
Part II: Brief History of Solid State Physics
Part IIISolid State Physics 1900-1980
                 by C.K. Majumdar 
                     [Indian Journal of History of Science, 27, 421 (1992)]
Part IV: Brief History & Overview of Solid State Physics
                 by Michel van Veenendaal 
                      [From a Solid State Physics Course]
Part V: Whatever Happened to Solid State Physics?
                 by John J. Hopfield 
                      [Annual Reviews of Condensed Matter Physics, 5, 1 (2014).
Part VI: History & Controversy over a Name!!
                    "What's in a Name Change?"  by Joseph D. Martin
                      [Physics in Perspective, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s00016-014-0151-7]
                  "Solid State Physics" vs. "Condensed Matter Physics" 
                       Which is the better & most appropriate name for this area of physics?

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