Solid State Physics (Physics 4309-5304) Lectures
Note: Some Lectures are under construction!
is to post a lecture before we discuss a topic in class, but I can't promise!

All lectures are copyrighted by C.W. Myles!
No reproduction &/or use of them other than by students in this course is allowed!!
Topics are mostly from Introduction to Solid State Physics, by C. Kittel.
They are discussed
in approximately the order of the table of contents.
Supplemental material from many other sources is also used.
When use of supplemental material is extensive, the source of the material is noted.

1. Introduction to the Course & to Solid State Physics Lectures
        Supplement 1a. Some History of Solid State Physics Lectures
            (Of interest to me & perhaps others. Files posted by others on the internet)
        Supplement 1b. History & Controversy Over a Name! 
             See the Article "What's in a Name Change? " by Joseph D. Martin
              [In Physics in Perspective, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s00016-014-0151-7]
2. Overview of Crystal Structure Lectures
    (Material from Kittel's Ch. 1 plus outside sources).

3. Chemical Bonding & Crystal Binding Energies Lectures
     (Material from Kittel's Ch. 3 plus outside sources).

4. Wave Diffraction, Reciprocal Lattice, Brillouin Zone Lectures
     (Material from Kittel's Ch. 2 plus outside sources).

5. Phonons I: Crystal Vibrations  Lectures
     (Material from Kittel's Ch. 4 plus outside sources).
     5a. Elastic Properties of Solids Lectures
            (Material related to the end of Kittel's Ch. 3 [p. 73-85]  & other sources).

6. Phonons II: Thermal Properties  Lectures
    (Material from Kittel's Ch. 5 plus outside sources).   

7. Free Electron Fermi Gas Lectures
    (Material from Kittel's Ch. 6 plus outside sources).

8. Energy Bands  Lectures
    (Material from Kittel's Ch. 7 plus outside sources).

9. Semiconductor Crystals Lectures
    (Material from Kittel's Ch. 8 plus outside sources).

10. Selected "Hot" Topics Lectures
    (Material from various outside sources).

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