Solid State Physics Course (Physics 4309-5304) Homework
Assignments & Solutions

Will have homework assignments & solutions. Problems will be assigned & graded on a regular basis. Some, but not all, of the problems will come from the book by Kittel &/or the supplemental textbooks. Doing problems is the most effective means of learning physics, which is impossible otherwise!!! Homework is due at 5pm on the due date. To keep up, do the assignments as soon as the material is covered. If you wait too late, you likely will run into trouble!
No late homework will be accepted!!
You are strongly encouraged to form groups to work on homework & study together! This is how physicists work in real situations! NO CONSULTATION with people who had this course previously is allowed! NO use of problem solutions posted in previous years is allowed! This is on the honor system! It will do you no good to merely copy old solutions! Copying solutions will NOT teach you physics! Solutions (.jpg format) will be posted shortly after the due date.

Unless otherwise stated, assigned problems are from end of chapter problems in Introduction to Solid State Physics, by C. Kittel. Chapter numbers refer to chapters in that book. Some problems may also come from supplemental material, in which case, the source of that material is noted.

1. Crystal Structure (Ch. 1). 
                Homework #1 Problems. Solutions

2. Chemical Bonding, Crystal Binding Energies (Ch. 3).
                Homework #2 Problems. Solutions
3. Wave Diffraction & the Crystal Lattice (Ch. 2).
                Homework #3 Problems. Solutions
4. Phonons I: Crystal Vibrations (Ch. 4).
                Homework #4 Problems. Solutions  

5. Phonons II: Thermal Properties (Ch. 5)
                Homework #5 Problems. Solutions  

6. Free Electron Fermi Gas (Ch. 6)
                Homework #6 Problems. Solutions

7. Energy Bands (Ch. 7)                
                Homework #7 Problems. Solutions

8. Semiconductor Crystals (Ch. 8)
              Homework #8 Problems. Solutions 

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