Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics) Lectures
Introduction to the Course
Overview of Statistical & Thermal Physics
Some Lectures from my olPhysics 5305 website are Here.
Some Lectures from my new Physics 5305 website are Here.

1. Course Introduction: Syllabus, Rules, & Some General Comments..

2. Structure of Physics: Some History + Where Does Stat Mech Fit into Physics?
        Relationship of Statistical & Thermal Physics to the Rest of Physics.

3. Importance of Stat Mech: Some History & Physics Trivia.
           Richard P. Feynman: Highlights of his life and career.
        One of the most brilliant physicists of the 2nd half of the 20th Century!
         Aso a very interesting person with diverse interests & abilities!
4. Statistical Physics Overview: Probablity & Statistics, Partition Function,
           Connection Between Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics

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