Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics) Lectures (Power Point)
Topics in Reif, Chapter 6
Basic Methods & Results of Statistical Mechanics
Some links are to Lectures from the graduate course, Phys. 5305, Statistical Physics.
Many are under construction & may change as the semester progresses.
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Part I: Overview of Ch. 6 Ideas:
              Microcanonical, Canonical, & 
              Grand Canonical Ensembles.
Part II: More Ch. 6 Ideas:
                More discussion of Microcanonical, Canonical
                & Grand Canonical Ensembles.
Part III: Canonical Ensemble:
                Application to Spin Paramagnetism.
Part IV: Canonical Ensemble:
                Application to the Ideal Monatomic Gas.
Canonical Ensemble
Classical or Maxwell-Boltzmann (MB) Statistics
Mostly Applications to Ideal Gases
Part V: The Equipartion TheoremApplications to:
                The Ideal Gas, The Simple Harmonic Oscillator
                 Brownian Motion, + Various Other Systems
Part VI: MB Gases I,  Part VII: MB Gases II
                  Statistical Mechanics of the Ideal Gas
Part VIII: MB Gases III,  Part IX: MB Gases IV
                  Statistical Mechanics of the Ideal Gas
Part XMB Gases V
                 Statistical Mechanics of the Ideal Gas
Part X: Statistical Mechanics of Ideal Gases

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