Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics) Lectures (Power Point)
Topics in Reif, Chapter 3
Statistical Thermodynamics

Some links are to Lectures from the graduate course, Phys. 5305, Statistical Physics.
Many are under construction & may change as the semester progresses.
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Part I, Sections 3.1-3.4: Equlibrium Conditions/Constraints.
                Reversible/Irreversible Processes. 
                Energy Distribution Between Equlibrium Systems.
                Approach to Thermal Equilibrium.

Part II, Section 3.5-3.8: Temperature. Heat Reservoirs. Equations of State.

Part III, The 0th & 3rd Laws of Thermdynamics: Outline of Basics of These Laws.

Part IV, The Laws of Thermdynamics: Summary of the Laws.
                 Microscopic & Macroscopic Viewpoints.
Part V, Spontaneous Processes & the 2nd Law of Thermo:
               Spontaneous Processes = Irreversible Processes. Take Place with 
               No External Work Required. "Impossible Processes" Violate Either
                the 1st Law or the 2nd Law or Both! "Perpetual Motion Machines" 
                Would Require "Impossible Processes" & so are ALWAYS bogus!
Part VI, "Perpetual Motion" & The Laws of Thermo:
                NOTE! This Lecture is Still Under Construction!!
                  "Perpetual Motion Machines" Would Require Impossible Processes!
                   & so Would Violate Either the 1st Law or the 2nd Law or both! 
                   So "Perpetual Motion Machines" are ALWAYS bogus!
Some Humor! (From Various Web Sources)
      ML I,  Murphy's "Laws" I Murphy's "Laws" in General 
      ML II,  Murphy's "Laws" II: Murphy's "Laws" for Computers
Special Lecture: (Partially Philosophy & Partially Physics)
             Entropy, The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics & "The Arrow of Time".
                Adapted mostly from an excellent lecture posted on the web Tony Rothman

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