Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics) Lectures
Topics in Reif, Chapter 2: Statistical Description of Systems of Particles
This is an introduction to the Microscopic & Macroscopic Physics of Many Particle Systems.
A goal of the chapter is to introduce concepts & terminology which are needed for the rest of the course.
Microscopic physics is discussed first & macroscopic physics is discussed late in the chapter.
concepts seem very abstract at first. The discussion will become more concrete as the course proceeds.  
the  mathematics  needed to understand this material is not at a very high level.
The most important results are emphasized & detailed derivations will not be discussed.  
Some Lectures from my olPhysics 5305 website are Here.
Some Lectures from my new Physics 5305 website are Here.

Statistical Formulation of the Mechanical Problem
Part I, Section 2.1: Preliminary Discussion.  Specification of the State of a System.
Part II, Section 2.2: Statistical Ensemble.
Part III, Section 2.3The approach to Equilibrium.
The Fundamental Postulate of Statistical Mechanics 
Part IV, Sections 2.4-2.5: Probability Calculations. Behavior of the Density of States.
Interaction Between Macroscopic Systems
Part V, Sections 2.6-2.8: Thermal Interaction. Mechanical Interaction. General Interaction.
The First Law of Thermodynamics
Part VI, Supplement: More Discusssion of The First Law of Thermodynamics
              The First Law in Differential Form. Exact & Inexact Differentials.
Part VII, Sections 2.9-2.11:  More Discusssion of The First Law in Differential Form. 
                 Quasi-static Processes. Quasi-static Work Done by Pressure.
                 Exact & Inexact Differentials.
Part VIII, The First Law Revisited: Algerbraic Signs of Work & Heat.
                     Reversible & Irreversible Processes. Examples with Ideal Gases
Part IXThe Fundamental Postulate Revisited: A More in Depth Explanation. 
Supplemental Material Excerpted from Posts by Others on the Web
Item I: Postulate Part I: The Fundamental Postulate. .      
Item II: Postulate Part II: A Priori Probabilities.
Item III: Basic Laws Part I: Gases and Particulates. 
Item IV: Basic Laws #2: The First Law of Thermodynamics.
Item V: Isolated Systems: Temperature.
Item VI, Macrostates & Microstates Part I: Accessible States in Classical 
                 & Quantum Mechanics.
Item VII: Macrostates & Microstates  Part II: Accessible States  & Entropy.
Item VIII: Statistical Thermodynamics Part I: Gibbs & Boltzmann Statistics.
Item IX: Statistical Thermodynamics Part II: Various Ensembles.

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