Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics) Lectures
Topics in Reif, Chapter 1:
Introduction to Statistical Methods
This is an overview of probability & statistics. It exposes students to the basic math needed for these topics.
The most important results are emphasized & for the most part, detailed derivations will not be discussed. 
Some Lectures from my olPhysics 5305 website are Here.
Some Lectures from my new Physics 5305 website are Here.

Material Based Directly on Sections in Reif's Book
Part I, Sections 1.1 & 1.2: Elementary Statistical Concepts & Examples.
               The Random Walk Problem in one Dimension. Binomial Distribution. 
Part II, Sections 1.3 & 1.4: General Discussion of Mean Values.
               Calculation of Mean Values for the Random Walk Problem.   

Part III, Sections 1.5-1.8: Probability Distribution for Large N.
                 Gaussian (or Normal) Probability Distributions.

                 Probability Distributions of Several Variables.

                 Comments on Continuous
Probability Distributions.
Some Supplements Based on Posts by Others on the Web
Item I, Supplement #1: Some General "Rules" for Probability Distributions.
Item II, Supplement #2: Overview of Probability Theory.  Found on the Web
Item III, Supplement #3:"The Wandering Photon"
                  An Animated Illustration of the Random Walk Problem!!
Item IV, Supplement #4: The Binomial Distribution.
                  General Discussion. Some Example Problems.
Item V, Supplement #5: Dice Games & Probablilities.
Item VI, Supplement #6: More Dice Games.
Item VII, Supplement #7: The Poisson Distribution.
Item VIII, Supplement #8:  The Gaussian (Normal) Distribution.
                   More Details & Some Applications.
Item IX, Supplement #9: The Exponential Distribution.
Item X, Supplement #10: Examples of Probability Problems.
Item XI, Supplement #11: Some Interesting Quotes on Probability.

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