Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics) Lectures
Attention!! Many lectures are under construction!! Several may change as time goes on.
is to post lectures before we discuss a topic in class, but I can't promise!
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COPYRIGHT: All lectures are copyrighted/owned by Charles W. Myles!  No use of them other than by students  in this course is allowed! Chapter numbers refer to chapters in the book by F. Reif.  Lecture topics are arranged approximately in the same order as Reif's chapters.  Supplemental material from many other sources is also used. When the use of supplemental material is extensive, the source of that material is noted.

1. Course Introduction: Syllabus & Rules. Overview of Statistical Mechanics.

2. Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistical Methods.

3. Chapter 2: Statistical Description of Systems of Particles.

4. Chapter 3: Statistical Thermodynamics.

5. Chapter 4: Macroscopic Parameters & Their Measurement.

6. Chapter 5: Simple Applications of Macroscopic Thermodynamics.

7. Chapter 6: Basic Methods & Results of Statistical Mechanics.

8. Chapter 7: Simple Applications  of Statistical Mechanics.

9. Chapter 9: Basic Methods & Results of Statistical Mechanics.

10. Chapter 10: Systems of Interacting Particles.

11. Special Statistical Mechanics Topics:
          Information Theory, Black Holes, Bose Einstein Condensation,..

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