Physics 4302 (Statistical & Thermal Physics), Spring, 2018
A Required Course for the BS in Physics!
Attention!! Many of these Statistical & Thermal Physics pages are under construction!!
There may be more changes as the semester progresses!!!  
Class Meets: 2:00-2:50PM, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Biology Room 021
Course Syllabus. Library Research Project Rules. 
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Physics 5305 (Statistical Physics) is a graduate course covering some of the same topics as this course.
An old webpage for Physics 5305 is 
Here. A new webpage for it (under construction) is Here.
Instructor & Contact Information
Dr. Charles W. Myles, Professor of Physics. Office: Science Room 18.
Phone: 834-4563. E-mail:
Office Hours: Right after class, + 3:30 - 5pm MWF, + 1 - 2pm TR & by appointment.
Webpages: Departmental PagePersonal Page.     
An email distribution list will be developed. Here is an important email announcement!!
Please be sure that I have your correct email address and that you check your email often!

1. Primary Textbook: Fundamentals of Statistical & Thermal Physics, by F. Reif.
This book is REQUIRED!
    Published by Waveland Press. It is available from them Here. It's Amazon page is Here. 
2. Recommended Textbook: Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics, by Ashley Carter. 
Published by Pearson. It is available from them Here.  It's Amazon page is Here.
More discussion of the textbooks is Here.

Syllabus, Course Topics & Objectives  
Topics: Selected sections from Chapters 1-10 of Reif's book.
Detailed coverage will be announced as we go.
The Syllabus is Here. PLEASE READ IT!!
Objectives: 1. To introduce students to upper undergraduate level statistical
& thermal physics 
& its applications.
2. For students to learn the fundamentals of this important topic.
3. This is a core course for undergraduate Physics Majors.

Help Resources & Hints
A Document with links to Statistical Physics web help and hints resources is Here...
A discussion of the Physics and Math level of the course is Here.
I expect you to come to class prepared, to do the homework, to READ the 
material BEFORE I lecture over it, & to keep up as we go along!
I don't take roll & have no specific attendance policy. However, isn't it obvious that class attendance is REQUIRED to get a good grade? To encourage attendance, especially on Fridays, a short (~10 min.) Quiz will be given EACH FRIDAY
NOTE: The weekend doesn't start Thursday evening or end Monday evening!
Friday & Monday are class days & NOT weekend days! 
More discussion of attendance is Here.

Announcements & Calendar Items
Announcement Page: Has announcements & calendar items. Please check it often!
Lectures, Homework Solutions, Exams & Solutions
COPYRIGHT: All lectures & exams are copyrighted & owned by C.W. Myles! 
Lecture Page: Has Many lectures in Power Point format.
Caution!! Some of these may be modified as the semester progresses!
There also may be some new some lectures added!
Exams Page: Has some old Exams & solutions.
The exams are composed uniquely for this semester!
Homework Page: Will have some homework assignments & solutions.
The ONLY way to learn physics is to DO PHYSICSYOURSELF 
More discussion of the homework & of the advantages of collaboration on the problems is Here.

Student Research Projects
A Library Research paper will be due at the end of the semester.
This will be discussed in more detail as the semester progresses.
Some rules about this are Here. Some past Student Research Project Topics are Here.

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