Physics 4302 Textbook Discussion
1. Primary Textbook: Fundamentals of Statistical & Thermal Physics, by F. Reif. 
This book is REQUIRED!! I use because it has nice explanations of key concepts. Major portions of the course will use it. It is old (published, 1965)! The orginal publisher stopped printing it. Waveland Press publishes it now & it is available from them Here. It's Amazon page is Here. Topics will be discussed in approximately the same order as the book table of contents, however, material from many sources other than this book will also be used. A search finds both new & used copies & both hardcover & paperback versions. A google search (Here) gets 31,400 hits with prices from $35-$165!! I strongly encourage you to shop & find the best price for you!
Given the book cost, don't you think it would be worthwhile to READ IT???
2. Recommended Textbook: Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics, by Ashley Carter.
This book is not required. However, portions of some lectures will likely be taken from it & some homework will be assigned from it. It is published by Pearson. It is available from them Here.  It's Amazon page is Here.

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