Physics 4302 Miscellaneous Topics
1. Are you curious about me? Do you want to know about my education, experience, research, personal & my family? 
See my Homepage, my Research Page, & my Personal & Family Page.
My Research
I do computational materials (solid state) theory.
See my Publications Page & Conference Presentations Page for details. 
My last PhD Student (Koushik Biswas) graduated in August, 2007. See his Dissertation for more details. Unfortunately, another recent PhD student (Emmanuel Nenghabi) passed away in 2009. A memorial page to him is Here. TTU awarded him a Posthumous PhD in May, 2009. See his Proposal for details of his research. Both Koushik Biswas and Emmanuel Nenghabi published a number of papers while they were working with me. See papers #3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 on my Publications Page. In August, 2013, an MS student (Ms. Annie Jessica Wacheux) finished her MS Thesis under my direction. Currently, I have one PhD student (Dong Xue) working with me. I expect him to graduate near the end of 2015. 
2. Are you curious about Physics? For up to date Physics News go to Physics Central (a website for the public).
    A more advanced link is Focus News from the American Physical Society.
3.  To see that Physics Can Be Fun, click Here!
4.  If you want more fun with Physics & with other science as well, the following is for you! 
I'm sure that you have heard of the Nobel Prizes. Well, have you ever heard of the Ig-Nobel Prizes
These are prizes, awarded each fall in a ceremony at Harvard University to the most entertaining research published in recent years in several areas. The research projects sound strange, but each is a REAL research project published in a REAL scientific journal. For the most part, researchers receiving an Ig Nobel are practicing scientists, some of them are really very distinguished & a few of them have also been awarded a Nobel Prize. The presentation ceremony streamed live on the internet. The Ig Nobel website has downloadable video clips of the ceremonies. The Ig Nobel presentations are always made by Nobel Prize winners.
The Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded by the same people who publish the Journal of Improbable Research (JIR). There are two requirements for a research paper to be published in JIR: The paper must contain actual research that
A. Makes People Laugh and B. Makes People Think!
These are also the two requirements for research to be considered for an Ig Nobel Prize. 
5. Look at the Top 10 "most influential people" of the last 1,000 years! 
     You will find that 4 of the 10 were physicists. (Link borrowed from Dr. Tom Gibson!)
6. Physics Contributions of 20th Century Women!
    Did you ever wonder why there aren't more women physicists? Actually, a number of women made very important contributions to many areas of physics in the 1900's. Here is a website which discusses this in detail. In the 21st Century, women are now playing many prominent roles in physics and the physics community. For example, the current Executive Officer of the the American Physical Society (a huge organization of ~50,000 research physicists world-wide!) is Dr. Kate Kirby. Further, her predecessor was Dr. Judy Franz. In addition, the most recent past President of APS was Dr. Cherry Murray. An indication that women are currently and almost always have been working at the forefront of research in the sciences is the fact that many women have been awarded Nobel Prizes in the sciences. So far, though, only two women have been Nobel Laureates in  Phyiscs.
7. A Wonderful Video! Look at this video posted on the TTU Web Here
    It's about Ginger Kerrick, an accomplished young woman who is also my friend. She is one of the most distinguished alumni of the Department of Physics & TTU. She has a Physics BS (1991) & MS (1993). She is a Flight Director for the International Space Station! While she was here, I taught her in at least 2 undergrad classes & one graduate class. She was always at the top of those classes & was a pleasure to teach. She was Commencement speaker in December, 2010. I'm proud of her success.
In November, 2012, TTU presented Ginger Kerrick with a 2012 TTU Distinguished Alumnus Award. 
TTU has done an excellent job on this video, which is excellent PR for TTU & our department. U-Tube also has many videos of interviews with her in her Flight Director job. She visited the department many times since she graduated & she is still as nice, outgoing, & energetic as she was when she was a student. More information about her is Here.
8. Richard P. Feynman: In class, I briefly mentioned Richard Feynman. 
    If you are curious, you can find out a lot about him by looking on the web Here. Also, I have put together a power point file of short summary of his life & accomplishments. If you like, you may download it  Here

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