Physics 4302 Assumed Physics & Math Levels
Course Pre-Requisites
This is the standard Junior-Senior Statistical & Thermal Physics course for Physics majors.
Students in other areas (math, engineering, chemistry) sometimes take it & are welcome.
A knowledge of vector calculus & differential equations is assumed!
A knowledge of the mathematics of probability & statistics would be nice, but isn't required. We'll spend a few lectures at the beginning introducing the needed concepts. A knowledge of elementary Thermodynamics & Classical Mechanics (at the level of  Physics 1408) is assumed. A knowledge of elementary quantum mechanics (at the level of Physics 2402) is also assumed.
This is a Junior/Senior course!! 
The text is at a level somewhere between some undergraduate & some graduate texts. The math in the text can be tedious. A goal is to emphasize physical understanding over math. I'll often skip math details in favor of discussing physics. This ISN'T a math course. If there is a math point you don't understand, please ask me about it & read about it on your own! It is important  that you not let the math get over your head to the extent that you lose sight of the PHYSICS.