Physics 4302 Discussion of Homework & Study Groups
Use of Google on the Homework
Please note that I'm very well  aware that, on the web, using Google or other search enginesyou may be able 
to find solutions to some or all of the assigned problems.
Just copying these & handing them in as your own is CHEATING!!
Anyone caught cheating will, at a minimum, receive an “F” in this course! TTU has strict policies against cheating & severe penalties for it, including possible expulsion from the university. Cheating also defeats the purpose of having you solve problems, which is to help you LEARN physics. Just being an expert at using Google to find problem solutions will not teach you physics!! As junior & senior Physics majors, you should know that  the ONLY way to learn physics is to
DO PHYSICSYOURSELF (or with friends) 
Study or Collaboration Groups
Forming study groups to collaborate on homework, etc. is an EXCELLENT idea! Its easier to learn stuff with friends' help! If you don't have friends in class, maybe you should make some! I strongly encourage you to form such groups! This is how physicists, other scientists & engineers work in real situations! However, NO CONSULTATION with people who had this course previously is allowed! Also, NO use of problem solutions posted in previous years is allowed! This is on the honor system! It will do you no good to merely copy old solutions! 
Copying solutions will NOT teach you physics!

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