Physics 4302 Class Attendance Discussion
I don't take roll & have no specific attendance policy. However, isn't it obvious that (unless you are a genius!)
Class attendance is REQUIRED to get a good grade or to LEARN SOMETHING?
There's a correlation between class attendance & grades. Skipping also means that you are WASTING the tuition & fees that you (or your parents) paid! With tuition & fees for a full-time (Texas) student, each class meeting costs about $24. So, each time you skip, you are throwing away $24!! After a while this adds up! My lectures may not be entertaining or brilliant, but I do expose you to the material. To encourage attendance and to try to prevent the large attendance decreases seen in previous semesters, especially on Fridays, 
short (~10 minute) Quiz will be given EACH FRIDAY
They will be mostly qualitative, with questions on the Physical Concepts we’ve discussed in recent classes & simple problems similar to those assigned. The quiz percent will be averaged with the homework grade & will be equal in weight to one homework set.
NOTE: The weekend doesn't start Thursday evening or end Monday evening!
Friday & Monday are class days and NOT weekend days!

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