Physics 2401-H01 (Principles of Physics II)
 Topics in the book by Serway & Jewett, Chapter 34
Electromagnetic Waves
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Chapter Summary: A File Provided by the Publisher!
These lectures are based Material from the book by Serway & Jewett,
but they are supplemented by Material from the Book by D.C. Giancoli
Part I: Sections from Giancoli
             Changing Electric Fields Produce Magnetic Fields
           Gauss's Law for Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations
           Production of Electromagnetic (EM) Waves
Part II: Sections from Giancoli
              EM Waves & Their Speed, From Maxwell's Equations
Part III: Sections from Giancoli
            Plane Waves,  Energy in EM Waves, Poynting Vector
            Radiation Pressure, The EM Spectrum
Part IV: Discussion Found on the Web
              Maxwell's Equations & EM Waves
Part V: Discussion Found on the Web
              EM Wave Propagation

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